About Us

Everything you need to know about Indian Sumner

About Us

When you venture into Christchurch’s Mediterranean hamlet of Sumner, you can find Indian Sumner described by customers local and overseas as the funkiest Indian restaurant.

What started as only a takeaway turned out to be the most sort after restaurant with its cozy, warm and approachable staff.

An opportunity came up in 2015 for us to expand so that we can accommodate the busy overflow of customers.
Engineered with true Indian Flair, bifolding Windows, spectacular views gives it the ultimate dining experience
with the rhythm of Indian background music.

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Vanta was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She did her secretarial degree in Montreal, Canada. She worked for the United Nations and then the British High Commission in Kuala Lumpur. Vanta returned to Toronto as she was offered a job at the University of Toronto. It was a great opportunity. She traveled extensively. She also took up Indian classical danced called Kathak and pottery. After her job at the University she worked for an Architect’s firm and then a Geophysical firm. She achieved the ultimate career and lived in Toronto for 16 years. Vanta moved to Christchurch, New Zealand in 1999. It was a challenge at the beginning but eventually things got better and the suggestion of opening an Indian restaurant in Sumner was her focal point. Vanta also did a documentary called The Monk in a Hut with Anna Wilding which was shown in cinemas around the world.


Dilip a turbaned Sikh comes from the Northern Indian State of Punjab. He attended the private colonial Himalayan school of Sanawar where he obtained a BA in Arts in Chandigarh, Punjab. Thereafter he graduated from the esteemed Hotel and Hospitality Institute in Austria. He then worked in a busy Indian restaurant in Alaska and also pursued his studies further by obtaining an MBA at the university there. Dilip has worked world wide and speaks 6 languages. He was very well sorted by well known restaurateurs and spent a few years at the Silicon Valley as their manager. New Zealand was his next destination. Again he worked both in the North and South Island restaurants until he decided to open his own Indian Restaurant – Indian Sumner in Christhcurch. With his vast knowledge of the cuisine industry Dilip was keen to open as many of his own restaurant. He has achieved his ultimate goal and is proud that he was chosen to open Indian Sumner in the CBD.

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Short Documentary Video on Lawrence School #Sanawar

Check out this short documentary on one of India’s most prestigious boarding School, The Lawrence School, Sanawar. Situated in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh and established on 1847, it is one of the oldest surviving boarding schools and has been ranked among the best residential schools of India.