Believe in Myths About Indian Foods? Know the Truth Behind them

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The taste of Indian food is popular worldwide. Food lovers from all parts of the world are fond of the Indian taste, and the availability of the best Indian restaurants all over the world is a grand proof of this. The Indian chefs and cooks are enjoying a great reputation among the food lovers irrespective of their nationality. Undoubtedly, the taste of a wide variety of Indian recipes and cuisines is largely preferred by the people from all over.
Still, there are some myths that people often talk about from time to time. Though these myths are more dominant among the first-timers to Indian foods, these people must know what the truths behind them are. As a matter of fact, these myths are somehow wrong concepts that they must have received from someone else. If you have come across any of the following myths, then you must get the truths behind them as well.
Following are some of these myths and the truth behind them:
Indian Foods are Spicy:
Indian spices are of extremely good quality, and the reputation of these spices exists since time immemorial. These spices are known for their taste. Though the Indian foods contain some of the best quality of spices, there are a few varieties of food that contain a lesser quantity of spices as well. The dishes of Gujarat, Bengal, Tamilnadu and some other South Indian states are known for the lesser use of spices. They are never spicy, yet highly tasteful.
Indian Foods are Predominantly Vegetarian:
This is partly correct. Since Indians are religious in their ways of living, therefore, they often prefer eating vegetarian dishes, instead of non-vegetarian dishes. Still, many non-vegetarian dishes are extremely popular among the people who are fond of them.
Indian Foods lack in Variety:
This is not true, as Indian foods are available in a wide variety including vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes. There are quite a few Indian chefs who enjoy a great reputation for their excellent recipes. India has 29 states, and each state has its specialized recipes. You can easily estimate the wide variety of the Indian dishes.
Indian Foods Contain Curries:
This is partly correct. Curries are specialties of a few Indian dishes. However, the first-timers to Indian foods often get confused while determining what is ‘curry’ and what is ‘gravy’. Gravies are less watery by nature than curries, but they carry some unique taste.
These are some of the myths that often create some confusion among the people who get the maiden chance to taste Indian dishes. However, these are not entirely correct. Indian foods are known for their quality and taste, and millions of food lovers accept this unconditionally.